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I’d Rather Be Called Unsassy

6 Dec

So it seems my alma mater was named the fourth ugliest college campus in America by a Web site called Campus Squeeze. (Drexel University is number one.) Jeez … when I was there we were named one of the unsassiest colleges by that leading authority on such things, Sassy magazine. This one hurts even less.

A Losing Battle

6 Dec

I didn’t really think I was going to like Charlie Wilson’s War. After all, I’m sort of over the whole “Tom Hanks Is Holier than Thou” thing, and I can’t get too excited about Julia Roberts anymore either.

Plus, I’m skeptical of a major studio movie that’s billed as Oscar bait based on pedigree alone.

But I’ll admit, Hanks is real good here in the true story of a Texas Congressman with questionable ethics, and he won me over. And generally, I was entertained by the movie, which documents how Charlie Wilson raised money — $1 billion annually — in Congressional funds to support Afghanistan in its war with Russia in the 1980s. (Those are your tax dollars at work, folks!) Continue reading