Who Am I?

28 Dec

Maybe you heard about it: there was a recent study about people Googling themselves.

I’m one of the 47% who has done just that, and it’s usually pretty amusing what turns up.

But it’s the 53% who have looked up info about me (or rather, who say they have looked up info about someone else) that concerns me.

A search Thursday night found that a guy in Tampa named Martin Lieberman has been accused of trying to abduct children. Uh oh.

Less worrisome is the Martin Lieberman who has created a high-performance dog food and the Martin Lieberman who lost his son.

Apparently there’s also a dentist in Seattle who shares my name, a gastroenterologist in San Francisco, and a Martin Lieberman defense attorney in Arizona.

I suppose it’d be nice if someone thought one of those was me. (My mother probably wishes one of them was.)

But I’d rather they know I’m the Martin Lieberman who wrote articles like this.

And to find the real me (or at least the one who is writing this blog post), you have to click through a bit. Like, to at least the third page of search results. Then, you might find my LinkedIn profile or a random article I have written in the last 10 years for one of my employers.

But you don’t even get a link to this blog or anything that might indicate I’m not a sexual predator or a dentist or lawyer. If you’re out there and looking for me … well, that can’t be a good thing.

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