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Looking Back: part two

28 Aug

Continuing my look back at the top five most memorable moments from my first year of blogging, here’s number four.

From September 30: “People Are Stupid
It’s a classic commuting irony — you leave for work early, but it doesn’t make any difference because of a stupid T mishap. That’s what happened this day. But this posting wasn’t significant simply because of my commute. Rather, it was because the day I posted it, my traffic shot up and I gained a whole new audience, largely thanks to Adam Gaffin and his Universal Hub web site. Adam provided a link to my post and people were clicking on it in droves — or at least what felt like droves considering the minimal audience I was getting up till then. But what was more exciting than that was that Adam included this post in one of his “Blog Log” columns for the Sunday Boston Globe. It was the first time of many that my blog was quoted in the Globe over the course of the year. You can read my posting here.

Yesterday: number 5

Like Crap, I’d Imagine

28 Aug

How does it feel to have the entire city give up on you and leave you for dead? Just ask the Red Sox. They’ve apparently quit on us, and it’s not just Bostonians who have noticed. (And by the way, the image below is from Boston Dirt

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