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Snakes in a Movie Theater!

23 Aug

Best news story I heard today:
Rattlers Freed in Snakes on a Plane Theater Prank

PHOENIX (Reuters) — Life imitating art is all very well. Unless, that is, it’s a movie about deadly snakes on the rampage.
Movie chain AMC Entertainment Inc. said pranksters at one of its Phoenix theaters released two live diamondback rattlesnakes during a showing of the film Snakes on a Plane last Friday. No one was injured…. (read the rest here)

A local video report on the story is here.

This is perhaps the only thing that could have made the movie more enjoyable for me. I love this story!


23 Aug

It’s so much easier to ignore — to forget — the Red Sox and their losing ways when they play during the day, as they did on Monday, and when they’re playing on the West coast, with nearly all games starting at 10 p.m. Boston time, as they’ll be doing until next Wednesday night.

Sigh. I can’t believe they lost again last night. At this point, I hope they never come home. Stop the bleeding! End the season now!

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