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19 Aug

I have to admit, I had one of the best moviegoing experiences of the year when I went to see Snakes on a Plane on Saturday. I mean, sure, the guys in the back row who were hissing all through the movie (including the trailers) and who were trying to do a call-and-response cheer of “Snakes!” “On a Plane!” before it started became a little much, but really, this is a totally fun movie that completely lives up to the hype and is actually worth seeing. And if you see it with the right kind of crowd, as I did, one that was totally into it (and I, personally, was quite excited to see the movie), you’ll like it even more. I mean, the first shot of the snakes gets an applause. Snakes attack in every way imaginable, and they bite every possible body part (the guy who gets it while taking a leak is particularly painful to watch), and each time, it’s funnier and funnier. And when Sam Jackson says his big line near the end of the movie, man did the crowd go nuts. Suffice it to say, I loved it all — even the cheesy music video that plays over the end credits (the song is by a group called Cobra Starship). I wouldn’t say the movie is all that scary — it’s too ridiculous to be scary — but it stays on the right side of the stupid–silly line enough to actually be considered a decent movie (I said “decent” — not good or great). And to tell the truth, I’d even pay to see it again. So yeah, I am really recommending this one highly. It gets a B+ from me.

You Da Man

19 Aug

Trust the Man is an amiable comedy about two couples going through rough patches. One is married with two children, the other unmarried but together for seven years. Not sure what else the movie is about because basically, all that really happens is things get bad, and then pretty quickly they get better. It’s all a little too pat. But, I still found it an easy watch. Billy Crudup is fun; he should do comedies more often. All four leads play generally likeable characters, I just wish the script gave them more of an arc to work with. I’m giving Trust the Man a B-.

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