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Bring Out the Goat

1 Aug

Women think they have a pretty easy solution for dealing with a skin blemish.

All they do is apply some makeup, or strategically style their hair, and voila! the blemish is gone. (No, that’s not a sweeping generalization or stereotype. Not at all. Ha ha ha.)

Well, I like to think men have just as simple a solution. It’s a game I like to call “Fun with Facial Hair!” (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the trademarked name.) Continue reading

Hey, I Know That Guy

1 Aug

If you turn to page 82 of the new Improper Bostonian (with Josh Beckett on the cover), you may see a familiar face smiling and standing in front of the Bronson Gates on the Paramount Pictures studio lot (and yes, holding up a picture of the Improper).

It’s me (big surprise), and it’s a picture taken during my recent trip to L.A.

That picture in particular was taken by Todd when I visited him at work. (He actually had to take it twice until I got it just right. This one here is the other one we took.)

Alright, so it’s not the “Improperazzi” or the “Proper Bostonians” section (which I still would love to be in one day), but this has to be the next best thing, right?

It’s definitely better than the “Improper Impersonals,” that’s for sure. I’ve already been in that section (against my wishes).

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