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What’s on My Mind

9 Aug

A few quick questions and observations …

* The new turnstiles the T has installed are nice and cool and all, but wouldn’t a better purchase have been more trains so they can come more often and be less crowded? And while I’m at it, I get it that people just want to get to their destination as quickly as possible, but when there’s no room left on the T, why do people still feel a need to make room?

* What happened to Mandy Moore on Entourage? It’s like she’s been completely wiped clear of the show’s history. Aquaman has been a huge hit, and yet it’s like she’s not as big a deal as Vince is. I miss Mandy. Hell, I miss Entourage. The show just hasn’t been as good this season.

* I’m all for marketing, but when Shaw’s gives you those free coupons when you’re checking out (you know, the electronic ones based on what you’re buying), why are they never for things you actually buy? For example, I drink a ton of Nestea Diet Iced Tea. (To put it mildly.) But everytime I buy it, I get a coupon for Turkey Hill Iced Tea, which I have never purchased. Yes, I will buy Nestea even without the coupons, but you’d think that eventually the computer would know not to bother with the Turkey Hill coupon. And maybe Shaw’s would even reward me for my frequent purchases.

* The three hottest T stations, in descending order, are: Hynes Convention Center, Park Street, Boylston

* At the AMC Boston Common movie theater, why does the “turn off your cell phone” commercial come on five minutes before showtime — before the trailers and before all the commercials? The people who get to the theater early care about the movie enough to be there on time. It’s the people who sneak in late during the trailers who need to be reminded to turn off their phones.

* Quick reviews: If you like thick cheese, you’ll want to watch The Ron Clark Story this Sunday. It’s an inspiring, true story, but damn if it doesn’t just feel a bit too saccharine. In unrelated news, I’ve got to say that Back to Basics, Christina Aguilera’s new CD, is just not as good as Stripped.

* Is it just me, or has the packaging of CDs become tighter in recent months? I bought three albums yesterday — Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits, Gin Blossoms’ Major Lodge Victory, and the soundtrack for The Last Kiss — and each jewel case still has a residue from when I tried to peel off the security sticker along the top. No wonder so many people just buy the albums digitally. Who wants a sticky jewel case?

* What happened to the Red Sox? It seems like they were just in first place and were practically cruising to a first place finish in the AL East. Now they’re two games out and can’t even beat Kansas City? What happened?? Well, no fear. I still say they will pull it out and end the season ahead of the Yankees. If we could lose posession of first place this easily, getting it back should be just as simple.

* I wish there was a way to reserve the laundry machines in my building. That would make leaving work on the early side a much more productive idea.

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