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Happy Happy, Joy Joy

14 Aug

I believe it’s Kaplan‘s second law of moviemaking that states: “Never bet against a talking animal picture.” Well, consider it law 2A that you shouldn’t bet against a movie where the animals also sing and dance, and where one animal has the speaking voice of Robin Williams. If that’s the type of movie that appeals to you, then waste no time heading over to the web site for Happy Feet and watch the three trailers (in the “video”) section. Aside from featuring some truly amazing animation, these trailers promise a really great and funny movie. I mean, I don’t even know what this movie is all about, but already I’m dying to see it. I mean, really. Just try to find something more entertaining than a penguin with Robin Williams’ voice singing “My Way” in Spanish — complete with back-up singers. Just try it. But watch these trailers first. Or, if you have a really good Internet connection, click here to watch in high-definition Quicktime video. (Trailer two is the one you want.)

What a Ride

14 Aug

Went home to New York this weekend for Mitzi and Jason’s aufruf, but that wasn’t the only excitement.

Saturday night, my friends Scott and David continued our end-of-summer tradition of going to Friday’s and Playland. Believe it or not, this was the 15th consecutive year we did this.

And who said I couldn’t stick with something that long? Continue reading

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