Take the Money and Run

5 Aug

After my last gambling experience, I felt there were some wrongs that needed to be righted, so I agreed to meet my dad and Jason at Foxwoods today for a boys’ day out.

I hit the blackjack table soon after arriving, went up $35, felt confident (and hungry), so I took a break for brunch.

Perhaps I jumped back into the action too quickly, because I promptly lost that $35 and then about $95 more.

But, luck was with me today.

After switching tables, I got on a real hot streak and won back not just the $95 and but also the $35, and $85 more, putting me up $120 for the day.

I’m no idiot, and like Kenny Rogers so wisely said, You’ve got to “know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.” It was clear that that was the time. I didn’t make back all I had lost in A.C., but still, $120 ain’t bad for a few hours of gambling.

(Maybe it’s the Connecticut casinos that like me. After all, I also did well at Mohegan Sun in November. Hmmmm … maybe I need to go to Las Vegas to see how I fare out there.)

Anyway, it was too nice a day out to head right back to Boston, so I stopped half-way, in Providence, to walk around and enjoy the perfect weather.

All told, a great day.

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