Welcome to the World, Abigail Jordan!

4 May

I’m beyond happy to introduce you all to my beautiful new niece:

Abigail Jordan Davis
Born Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 2:22 a.m.
6lb 12oz
19 inches

It was a wild weekend, to say the least.

On Wednesday, it became clear that The Baby Formerly Known as Fetus would not be waiting until her expected due date (around Memorial Day) to arrive, and would likely come within the week.

Then on Saturday at 6 p.m., when Mitzi was admitted to the hospital, it became clear that TBFKAF would be coming even sooner than expected, within the next 12–24 hours. So I hopped in my car, drove to New York, and at 11 p.m., TBFKAF’s arrival became imminent.

At 1 a.m. we got the call to come on down to the hospital. Less than an hour and a half later, I had a niece named Abby and I was an uncle.


I have a ton of friends who have children and I’ve written previously about the miracle of birth. But when it’s someone in your own immediate family who has a baby, that’s something else entirely.

It’s pretty amazing that Saturday morning Abby didn’t exist, and now she’s the center of our world.

And it’s also amazing how the timing of it all worked out so perfectly, so that I could be there for the birth.

And it’s great for Mitzi that it all went so quickly and so easily (all things considered).

It’s all just so exciting.

On the way down to New York on Saturday I stopped at Pottery Barn Kids and picked up some big, soft, cuddly stuffed animals and couldn’t wait to give them to Abby. (I expect there will be plenty more where those came from.)

And I can’t wait to go down to New York again next weekend to celebrate my sister’s first Mother’s Day.

And I can’t wait for Abby to grow older so we can talk and play and laugh, and I can tell her stories, and she can chase me around the yard, and we can have a grand ole time.

I love that Abby’s here. I love that she has her mother’s feet: long with thin toes. I love how little and cute she is. I love just about everything about her.

And I’m totally amused by the fact that Mitzi just had to have her hair done Saturday afternoon, just in time to go into labor.

So, yeah. As weekends go, this one was really exhausting (I only got about 3 hours of sleep), but it was really great.

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