Happy Birthday, Abby!

4 May

Today is Abby’s birthday, and I’ve learned in the past week that my niece and I don’t share something very important in common: a love of cake.

On multiple occasions, Abby has not shown much interest in eating it.

How sad!

But no matter. Abby has enough sweetness in her as it is. And I’m sure that today, on the first anniversary of the day Abby was born, she’ll find plenty of other ways to celebrate.

What a great year it’s been since Abby was born, and how quickly it’s flown. I can say with full confidence that my life is a better place with Abby in it; of all the great things that have happened to me in the past 12 months, her birth tops the list.

So, as she turns one today, Abby may not like cake as much as her uncle does, but her uncle sure likes her, and he’ll have two pieces of cake — one for him and one for her — to celebrate.

Happy birthday, Abby!

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