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Same People, Different Week

24 May

I was going to post something here about the people who are always in the Chestnut Hill Finagle a Bagel on Saturdays and Sundays for lunch, and how amusing it is that like clockwork, you can always count on seeing them. Because it’s true: There are a handful of people who are always there midday on the weekends. And I might have made fun of these people’s quirks or remarked about the endearing qualities of one particular couple, or commented on how these customers know the folks behind the counter so well. And then it occurred to me … The only reason I know who goes to Finagle at the same time every week is because I go to Finagle at the same time every week. How lame is that? Jeeeez. I’ve really gotta find a new lunch place.


24 May

I went to the Wrentham Outlets yesterday to do some summer clothes shopping, and while it was a pain in the arse finding a parking spot, it was totally worth it. There were great deals all over, and I gave my credit card a good workout buying new pants, shirts, shoes, and other stuff. But parking was a challenge and it reminded me of two long-held thoughts I’ve had about parking lots:

1. I’m all for dog-eat-dog competitions in some instances, but come on … if I’ve been sitting idly at the end of one aisle waiting for a spot to open up, and then one does and I go to get it, another person shouldn’t have the right to come around the corner and steal it from me just because he got there “first.” Doesn’t patience count for anything in a crowded parking lot? I know not everyone is as patient as I can be (when I want to be), but maybe there should be a first come, first served rule that would mandate everyone wait their turn before they can have a parking spot.

2. One of the never-gets-old amusements of parking lots is people who lose their cars. Sure, it’s no fun when you’re following them to their spot and then you realize they don’t know where it is, but it is funny when you see people walk out to the lot carrying all kinds of bags and then walk up and down various aisles looking for their car with absolutely clueless looks on their faces. Someone should invent a Lojack-like device that works with cell phones or something, that will alert you to where you’ve parked. You know, like in a “you’re getting warmer/colder” kind of way. Until then, I’m always going to laugh at these people.

Oh, To Be David Letterman

24 May

As the ZZ Top song goes, “She’s got legs … she knows how to bruise them.” (Or something like that.)

Jennifer Garner was on The Late Show recently, and David Letterman got the chance to play doctor for her. Suffice it to say, he made me really jealous. 🙂 Watch for yourself.

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