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I Predict an Upset

19 May

All season long, people have been genuflecting to Adam Lambert like he’s the second coming or something. Most talented American Idol contestant ever? Puh-leeze. Have they totally forgotten about Carrie Underwood? Adam can’t hold a candle to her — or to Kelly Clarkson. Hell, I haven’t seen an Idol contestant this overrated since, well, ever. So now that the season finale is finally here, and Adam is going mano a mano with Kris Allen, I think it’s time to put an end to all that hoo-hah.

You may recall that back in February, after only two weeks of semifinals, I predicted that Kris would win it all. Today, I’m standing by that prediction. Just wait for it. Tomorrow night, after all the random and unnecessary musical numbers are over and Ryan Seacrest finally gets around to announcing the winner, there will be an upset, and naive little girls will be crying all over the country (again). Tonight, all the people who voted for Danny Gokey are going to shift to Kris, and all the people like me, who agree that Adam sucks and have had it with his overly dramatic, screeching/yelling singing style, will finally pick up their phones to vote against him. I’ll be voting for the first time all season, as much to support Kris as to prevent Adam from winning.

Really, I don’t care that much — it’s been a pretty lame season of Idol overall. Heck, it’s like season six all over again. And I mean, Kris isn’t really someone I’d support in a better season. But IMHO, he’s the best one they’ve had on this year and he’s had my support almost from the beginning. And, alright fine, I’d just love to see Adam lose. So who’s with me? Vote for Kris!

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