For the Kids

26 Jul

When my niece, Abby, was born, my sister and brother-in-law told me they were committed to visiting Boston twice a year so that I could be more a part of her life, and so she could see where I live.

They’ve done just that.

Now that I have two nephews, the same philosophy holds true.

And this weekend, the boys — and their sister and their parents — came to visit me.

Like Abby’s first visit, it was a low-key weekend, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun.

We took Abby — and her friends Quackers and Quackers’ Big Sister — on a Duck Tour (one item that was on my Summer 2011 To-Do List).

We took Abby to In a Pickle, where she had M&M Pancakes (and her mommy and I had yummy Nutella Stuffed French Toast).

We ate marshmallows (because that’s what you do on vacation, apparently).

I showed Abby my office and introduced her to some coworkers.

We went to a BBQ.

We walked around downtown, and Abby rode a carousel on Boston Common.

And the boys? They rode everywhere in their stroller, sleeping often (and sometimes not often enough), attracting attention and smiles from all who passed them by. I think they enjoyed themselves.

I know I enjoyed showing them off.

One day not long from now, Marc and Ian will be a bit more engaged in the trip to visit their uncle, like their sister is. For now, it’s still a good time.

I look forward to their next visit, a few months from now.

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