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A Wii for Mii

6 Apr

After leaving Abby’s house on Sunday, I stopped off to visit my other little buddies, Sam and Ilana.

They’re seven and four years old, respectively, and great fun to hang out with.

On this particular day, they were anxious for me to play with them on their Wii, so I obliged. Believe it or not, I’d never played on a Wii before, which was a problem because these two were pros — especially Sam, who booted up Wii Sports and challenged me to a match on Wii Tennis.

Well, before I knew it, Sam had beaten me three games to one. The kid really was good! Continue reading

EWWWW … Gross!!

25 Jan

Some kids are cute. This one is snot.

(And no, I don’t have a clue who this is. I just randomly found it on the Interweb today.)

Kids Wear the Darndest Things …

25 Oct

Another addition to the “Funny Things to Put on Your Kids” files:

Kidioms is a new line of baby onesies and T-shirts that, ahem, “combine the style and names that adults love with the familiar but original images that kids adore.” (That’s according to the email I received today from a PR rep.) Apparently, the company was founded by three fathers who were frustrated by baby clothes that were either too sweet or edgy, and wanted something both cool and whimsical for their children to wear.

Thus, Kidioms was created. Now you, too, can let your toddler walk (or crawl) around with a t-shirt that says “Bad Ass,” “Chick Magnet” or, yes, even “Eager Beaver.”

I suppose it’s a good thing the kids just think the pictures are cute.

Their Future’s So Bright …

15 Oct

Frankly, I’m tired of this rain. I’m not sure how Noah dealt with it. And this is coming from a guy who calls Singin’ in the Rain his all-time favorite movie. So as an antidote to this miserable weather, here’s something fun I’ve been holding onto for a while now: another piece of random mail I received recently at work.

A company called ParkerG decided babies need more fashionable sunglasses that don’t look like they come straight out of Revenge of the Nerds (yes, that’s the marketing message they’re going with). Apparently, they’re all the rage among celebrity babies (I’m told Courtney Cox Arquette’s and Debra Messing’s kids both wear them).

Um, I love a cute kid just as much as the next person (see Simon Says!) but I don’t think any mother — celeb or not — would want her baby looking as silly as these babies do.

I guess some people just have too much time on their hands …

On the bright side, maybe sometime soon we’ll all have reason to wear sunglasses again.

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