Their Future’s So Bright …

15 Oct

Frankly, I’m tired of this rain. I’m not sure how Noah dealt with it. And this is coming from a guy who calls Singin’ in the Rain his all-time favorite movie. So as an antidote to this miserable weather, here’s something fun I’ve been holding onto for a while now: another piece of random mail I received recently at work.

A company called ParkerG decided babies need more fashionable sunglasses that don’t look like they come straight out of Revenge of the Nerds (yes, that’s the marketing message they’re going with). Apparently, they’re all the rage among celebrity babies (I’m told Courtney Cox Arquette’s and Debra Messing’s kids both wear them).

Um, I love a cute kid just as much as the next person (see Simon Says!) but I don’t think any mother — celeb or not — would want her baby looking as silly as these babies do.

I guess some people just have too much time on their hands …

On the bright side, maybe sometime soon we’ll all have reason to wear sunglasses again.

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