Dating for Dummies

15 Oct

Well, as long as I haven’t had many dating exploits to write about lately, I thought I’d link y’all to a new site I found today: Dating Dummy. Like me, the guy who writes this blog is 30-something and looking for love in the big city (in his case, San Diego). Supposedly, he met the person he’s currently dating via her blog, so I guess there’s hope for me, right? Anyone cute and single and female out there reading my site?

(Just kidding. Not sure that’s how I’d want to meet someone — though I also suppose these days I can’t be too choosy.)

But hey, if you’d like to live vicariously through this guy’s blog, it seems like things between him and ICG (i.e.: Irresistibly Charming Girl) are going very well, despite the fact that he lives in California and she lives in — well, he hasn’t quite said yet, though it looks like Cleveland. (Am I right, Dan? Is this Cleveland?)

This guy also has a photgraphy blog called Photography Dummy, if you like that sort of thing.

It’s funny sometimes what you find when you browse around the blogosphere and keep clicking on people’s links. Damned rainy days when I’m cooped up indoors …

One Response to “Dating for Dummies”

  1. the deal October 16, 2005 at 5:23 am #

    Hey man-It’s not Cleveland. The central monument isn’t the right one to be Cleveland, but the building in the background does look like the Terminal Tower.I think it would have to be another one of the northern midwestern big cities – maybe Pittsburgh? Maybe Cincinnati? St. Louis? I would bet that the main building in the picture is too old to be from a southern or western city, though I really have no idea.

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