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I Love L.A. (mostly)

11 Oct

Congrats to the L.A. Angels of Anaheim for knocking the Yankees out of the playoffs last night and wiping the smug demeanor off the faces of A-Rod, Randy Johnson, slimy Giambi and especially Hideki Matsui, who I was happy to see make the last out. Never has there been a bunch of ballplayers who acted like they were entitled to greatness, and I am so happy that their season is now over.

(Yes, the Sox are also out of it, and yes we got swept, but we were happy just to be in the playoffs this year. The Yankees thought they had actually earned a place in the playoffs, when they just got lucky in the end. And, at least the Sox look like they enjoy playing the game. I don’t know how anyone can enjoy watching the Yankees play when they never smile.)

Anyway … so here are my fearless predictions for the rest of the post-season, based on nothing more than who I like and who I know and who I’d enjoy rooting for:
Angels over the White Sox in 6 games
Houston over St. Louis in 6 games
Houston over the Angels in 6 games

I’m not putting any money on any of those picks and I hope the people who actually care about this stuff (hello, Todd) will take them with a grain of salt. But I think I would actually enjoy watching the World Series if it was the Astros and the Angels. Jeez, there’d be a lot of red in the stands in both parks … It might actually be like the Sox were still in it. (What? A guy can dream, can’t he?)

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