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Kids Wear the Darndest Things …

25 Oct

Another addition to the “Funny Things to Put on Your Kids” files:

Kidioms is a new line of baby onesies and T-shirts that, ahem, “combine the style and names that adults love with the familiar but original images that kids adore.” (That’s according to the email I received today from a PR rep.) Apparently, the company was founded by three fathers who were frustrated by baby clothes that were either too sweet or edgy, and wanted something both cool and whimsical for their children to wear.

Thus, Kidioms was created. Now you, too, can let your toddler walk (or crawl) around with a t-shirt that says “Bad Ass,” “Chick Magnet” or, yes, even “Eager Beaver.”

I suppose it’s a good thing the kids just think the pictures are cute.

Best $5 Ever

25 Oct

So I’m sure every Boston-area blogger has a similar posting about how hard the commute into work was today. The wind is powerful, the rain is hard, and most folks this morning are all wet.

Except me, that is.

Got to South Station and saw a coworker. We had made it most of the way down the side wall of the station — walking in the opposite direction of the wind — when she turned to me and said, “This sucks. Let’s get a cab. I’ll pay.” So, $5 later (including tip) we had taken a cab all of one mile (if even that long) across the Summer Street bridge. It was the silliest and yet smartest $5 ever.

Thanks, Ellie!

Gone Shopping

25 Oct

From its first frame, Shopgirl announces itself as sort of an elegant, high-minded — but pompous — filmed version of one of Steve Martin’s literary works. In fact, it’s one of the oddest films I’ve seen all year, and not the film I expected it to be based on the tv and print ads I’ve seen. Martin himself plays a character who isn’t as compelling as he’s supposed to be, and Jason Schwartzman (so good in Rushmore, but not as good in much else since) brings the film to life — then disappears for most of it. (Huh?) And Claire Danes is so plain looking — and acting — that you can’t quite understand why Martin’s character would find her so appealing. Still, Schwartzman’s performance is fun, and the film does have high aspirations that I’ll assume just went over my head. And Martin, who also wrote the screenplay, has included some pretty great lines of dialogue that come up unexpectedly, such as one that Danes says close to the end of the film that I can’t quote here for fear of ruining it for folks who haven’t seen the film yet. So in summary, I’ll give Shopgirl the benefit of the doubt and rate it a B–.

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