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"Don’t Look at the Storm. Look at Me."

26 Oct

Want to know what Hurricane Wilma was like yesterday on the Massachusetts coast? (Or at least how one person saw it?) If you’ve got the download speed, the ability to hear sound, and, like, 5 minutes, check out this strange but funny video blog (aka: vlog). It’s a first-hand, eyewitness account by a guy brave enough (or, perhaps more accurately, stupid enough) to venture out with a digital video camera. God bless him. The film is basically storm footage as shot by the Blair Witch Project crew and Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen.

My favorite quote? When the guy says, “It’s kind of like being in Amsterdam, only … only it’s not.”

A warning, though: It starts out sorta slow, but about a minute in (when the sound kicks in and the subtitles start) it gets better. And keep watching when the picture fades to black — there’s more. The ending, when a funny-looking kid walks by, is quick but funny.

Penny for My Thoughts?

26 Oct

What’s with businesses that are sticklers for an extra penny? I was in the Pru on Friday night, and as usual, I decided to grab some dinner from Poulet Rotisserie Chicken because I always figure that of all the options in the food court, this will be the healthiest. (Or, more accurately, it’s just good food.)

I got what I usually do: the combo platter (i.e.: a main dish and two sides — on Friday, that meant basic chicken tenders, mac’n’cheese and steamed vegetables) and a drink. As always, the bill came to $9.01. Now, aside from how wrong it is to pay so much for fast (albeit good) food, the place demands that you pay exactly $9.01. There have been times that I’ve been to Poulet and have paid with a $10 bill and have received 99 cents back as change. And when I’ve tried to pay just $9 (because I either had no change on me or just had, like, a quarter), I’ve been asked for the penny as if I was robbing them blind. There’s no “Have a Penny, Leave a Penny” dish, and after all this time, the place still hasn’t adjusted their prices so people’s bills are exactly $9, or so they’re at least closer to the other side of $9 (i.e.: $8.90-something).

Yes, I’m a sucker for always going back there even though this really annoys me, and I was just lucky I had a penny on me Friday night. But really, what’s with them making me (and everyone else) pay exactly $9.01? Why can’t they just let us pay $9 and be done with it?

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