"Don’t Look at the Storm. Look at Me."

26 Oct

Want to know what Hurricane Wilma was like yesterday on the Massachusetts coast? (Or at least how one person saw it?) If you’ve got the download speed, the ability to hear sound, and, like, 5 minutes, check out this strange but funny video blog (aka: vlog). It’s a first-hand, eyewitness account by a guy brave enough (or, perhaps more accurately, stupid enough) to venture out with a digital video camera. God bless him. The film is basically storm footage as shot by the Blair Witch Project crew and Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen.

My favorite quote? When the guy says, “It’s kind of like being in Amsterdam, only … only it’s not.”

A warning, though: It starts out sorta slow, but about a minute in (when the sound kicks in and the subtitles start) it gets better. And keep watching when the picture fades to black — there’s more. The ending, when a funny-looking kid walks by, is quick but funny.

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