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Chicago, I Love You

5 Jul

It’s official: I love Chicago.

I mean, I love Boston a little bit more.

But in a head to head competition, these days I may have a tough time picking between the two cities.

If I ever left Boston for good (and I have no plans to do that), I’d make a beeline to Chicago. That’s just how I feel after a fantastic long (and yet still too short) weekend in the Windy City.

It was my annual July 4 trip to Chicago, which means I also spent time in Michigan City, Indiana. Combined, it was just awesome. Continue reading

4th of July Pops Concert Could Be Better

5 Jul

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy few things more than watching the Boston Pops and the fireworks on July 4th.

Which is why it’s a shame that I hadn’t been down to the Charles in so long to see it live. Last night I corrected that, and got a chance to introduce my friends Justine and Nick to the awesomeness as well.

Seriously, no city in America (as if the “in America” part really needs to be said) does July 4th festivities like Boston does.


I’ve seen the New York fireworks. They’re big, but that’s all they are. And they don’t have the Pops.

So there.

But here’s the thing: While I love the fact that the whole country gets to watch some of the show, I do think the national broadcast is what’s wrong with July 4th in Boston. Continue reading