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No Disaster

30 Apr

Chances are good that you haven’t heard much (if anything) about Jon McLaughlin, or his album, Indiana, which drops today. I first learned about Jon back in February when Ali’s Blog linked to two songs off the album. I especially liked “Industry,” so I’ve been waiting to hear more. And now today is the day. Jon’s one of those piano-playing singer-songwriters who sing catchy melodies. I suppose he’s not unlike Gavin DeGraw, though I’ll admit Jon’s got a somewhat generic and not terribly unique sound. Still, I like what I’ve heard enough to recommend it. So if you like this sort of thing, check out the two tracks at that blog. And if you like them, give Jon’s entire CD a chance, as I’ll be doing (via iTunes for $7.99). And as extra incentive, here’s the video for his other single, “Beautiful Disaster.”

Totally Legal

30 Apr

Thought I’d put up a link to my story in the new issue of Continental magazine. As you can see, it’s the cover story and it’s about Laura Bell Bundy, who plays Elle Woods in the new Broadway adaptation of Legally Blonde.

Reviews of the show (which opened Sunday night) have been mixed, but some critics (like the ones at Variety and The New York Times) say it’s a lot of fun and that Bundy gives a very good performance. Continue reading

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