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Women Problems

22 Apr

How I wish In the Land of Women was really a porn film, like it sounds like it should be. Then it might have had a better plot, for starters. Instead, this film — the story of a guy (Adam Brody) who deals with his model girlfriend dumping him by heading to Michigan to take care of his grandmother — is a real mess. It’s got a whole bunch of clichés, including a wacky old grandma and the family across the street that’s full of problems (cancer, an extramarital affair, estranged mother-daughter relations, a precocious younger sister). It’s got a hip soundtrack (at least it does for half the movie) sure to attract the young’uns. It’s also got, in addition to Brody, Meg Ryan and Olivia Dukakis in lead roles. What it doesn’t have is direction, focus, or anything really worth recommending. It doesn’t even have a poster or a marketing campaign that accurately reflects what the movie is really about (then again, considering I was unsure of the plot, maybe this film is just unmarketable).

I’ve seen ItLoW described as a cross between The Graduate and Garden State (yes, your assumptions about the implications of that are true), but if the comparison was accurate, then this would actually be a good movie. I’m sorry to say the best thing about it — alright, fine, the two best things are the first five minutes and the last five minutes. Problem is, the good joke in the first five minutes has already been spoiled in the trailer. And the last five minutes have such promise that you wish the film had gone down this road much earlier and that the actress with a surprise cameo had been around a lot longer. Oh well. I don’t remember when I’ve yawned more, wondering when the movie was going to end. And when the lights came on, I turned to Stephani and asked, “What was that?” Yeah, I really didn’t like this movie all that much. I’m giving it a D+ (the plus is only because I liked the last five minutes that much).

We All Scream

22 Apr

It’s no surprise that after such a beautiful day, J.P. Licks was the place to be last night in Coolidge Corner. It seemed like everyone — jubilant Red Sox fans, parents with young kids, couples on date night, high school girls with little fashion sense, families, pets, etc. — was getting a scoop, and the line was out the door for much of the time that Joe, Marie, the twins, and I were there.

So how thankful was I that there was plenty of entertainment to go along with my soft-serve. No, I’m not referring again to the high school girls. I speak of the folks who tried in vain to get into the perfect parking spot in front. We’re talking premium rock star parking, with plenty of space to slide in. First there was a young lady who totally didn’t cut the wheel correctly, and who just had to answer her cell phone while parking — and holding up traffic, I might add. Her first try, she was still a couple feet from the curb. And after two tries, she just gave up and drove away. She was followed by an older couple who undershot it and actually bumped into the car behind them before leaving their car jutting out into the street and getting out — ignoring all the people who were watching and saying under their breath, “Bad parking job. I can’t believe they’re going to leave it like that.”

Why watching inept parallel parkers never gets old, I just don’t know. But on this spring night, it was great fun.

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