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Hmmmmm …

20 Apr

Here are some questions I’m asking on this sunny, very nice Friday afternoon:

* Will anything ever take up residence where Zathmary’s used to be?

* Will the weather actually be as nice as predicted this weekend, and will it stay that way until the fall? Does this mean winter is really over?

* Can Dice-K beat the Yankees on Sunday, or will he have the same lame result as his last two games, where it looks alright but he still loses? Is he really the worst starter on the team??

* If a crowded T train on the morning commute is bad, then is there much worse than having to be stuck next to a guy who reeks of cigarette smoke?

* Is there a funnier show on TV right now than 30 Rock?

* Indians didn’t even like Sanjaya. So aside from the 13-year-olds, who did?

* I’m a third of the way to my WalkAmerica fundraising goal. Will you help me go all the way?

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