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Just Not Worth It

29 Apr

I saw after the Sox–Yankees game today that a company called Big Time Bats is selling a commemorative framed photo set of Dice-K’s first start at Fenway. Considering he lost that game, I’m not sure why anyone would want to spend $120 to remember it. Sure, Dice-K pitched his best Fenway start to date that night (remember, today is only April 29), and had Felix Hernandez not been so good, we might have actually won that game, but still … I’ll spend $120 when Dice-K does something worth remembering. (Alright, fine. Maybe I won’t spend the $120. But I’ll remember the accomplishment just the same. After all, I haven’t been so kind to him so far.)

For the Kids

29 Apr

As Robbie Williams would say, we were “doin’ it for the kids” today. Despite cooler, wetter weather than last year, WalkAmerica was still a good time, and it was all for a good cause. I walked with eight of my coworkers (to support our client, Continental Airlines, which is an official sponsor of WalkAmerica) and we all did it within two hours. That’s not bad, considering it was a loop from the Hatch Shell, down Storrow Drive to Western Ave, and then back down Memorial Drive to the Museum of Science, and back to the Hatch Shell (a total of about 6.5 miles). And yes, there was Montilio’s cake waiting for us when we got to the finish line, so that made it doubly worth it. I’m pleased to say I raised $468, which is $118 more than last year (why 18? click here for that answer), so let me take this opportunity to publicly thank all who contributed. (If you still want to donate, you can. Just click here.) Now I can take a load off and relax before it’s back to work tomorrow.

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