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Bagel Blahs

2 Apr

In these last few hours before Passover begins, I just wanted to recall the good old days when I loved Finagle a Bagel. I used to go to the Chestnut Hill location most every Saturday for lunch, and I’d usually get the same thing: a smoked turkey sandwich on an egg bagel. And before I let my recollections run wild, I’ll just say I remember it being a usually pleasant and not too expensive experience. When it was announced that Finagle was opening a location in Coolidge Corner, I was pretty excited. After all, when your only other bagel option (on a Saturday, at least) is Bruegger’s, a Finagle store is like manna from heaven.

But what a waste this store has been. When I stopped in yesterday, I was reminded of why I’ve largely stayed away from the store since its opening a couple years ago. For one thing, it’s too small, by half. That’s the biggest complaint I have. Whether you sit down to eat or you’re simply on line to order, if there’s a crowd, you can’t help but feel cramped. Also, the service is slow. All I had was a bagel with cream cheese. Took about 10 minutes to get that after I ordered. I suppose I can’t complain about the cream cheese slapped on the bagel, but other times I’ve been to Finagle the sandwich making was shoddy (something I’ve complained about before). And finally, a bagel with cream cheese, a medium soda, and a cookie cost me about $6.50. I don’t want to quibble about something like price, but when did such a minor meal become so expensive (relatively speaking, of course)? Used to be you could get a bagel sandwich with turkey or something similarly substantial and a soda for that amount. And it came with chips or a “seasonal accompaniment” like cantaloupe for free. I mean, at Bruegger’s, I get a bagel with cream cheese, a soda and a muffin or something (no comments about my poor eating habits, please), and it only costs about $5.50. A turkey sandwich at Finagle now costs close to $6 on its own, and that’s without the accompaniment. Of course, the price thing is not specific to the Coolidge Corner location, but it’s one more reason why I have begun to really dislike Finagle. How times have changed. Ah well. At least the bagels themselves are still good.

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