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No Avoiding It

17 Apr

You know, I tried to avoid American Idol Tuesday night. Really I did. After last week’s results show, I said I was done. So I went to Ben & Jerry’s at the Pru for Free Cone Night and waited on a long, long line that stretched from the B&J’s counter all the way around the perimeter of the ‘court to Pizzeria Regina. Didn’t mind it, either, especially when I was enjoying my free cone of Phish Food. And I loved when all the parents would show up with their smiling, happy kids and would try to convince the little ones that the line was too long to wait. But God bless the kids, who always knew better. “I don’t mind,” I heard one say. Kids always win, don’t they? Good for them. Free ice cream is worth it.

Anyway, and then I got home and was excited to turn on the TV to watch the Sox. And not just that, but Dice-K on the mound again. But I tell you … if Idol was an embarassment, this felt worse. Sure, the line might not be as bad as the end result, but c’mon — we (and I say we like it came out of my pocket) didn’t pay $103 million for 2-1 losses and three walks in one game. Didn’t pay $103 mil for wild pitches that load the bases, and runs that are walked in. What a bum this guy is. I can’t believe he’s 1-2. That makes him worse than a bum — he’s a loser! At first I thought it was just the weather, but tonight’s game was in a dome. It’s not the lack of run support. This guy should be lights out. So there’s really no excuse. And here come the Yankees this weekend. If Dice-K is our great hope to lead us to another World Series championship, then let me be the first to say it: we’re doomed. Again.

So … long story short, at 9:30 I decided to watch Idol after all (my DVR recorded it automatically — damn that series recording). And I have to say, Melinda Doolittle made at least part of it worth it. I just wish Blake Lewis did Ryan Adams proud. What an awful rendition of a great song. (And I won’t even mention that other guy.) But I promise I won’t be watching anymore. I’m so done with that show. (Until next week, I’m sure.)

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