Jumping the Gun?

11 Oct

Hasn’t Dan Shaughnessy learned anything in recent years?

Methinks he has gotten a bit too confident and that he’s jumping the gun.

Here’s what he wrote in today’s Globe about last night’s win over Tampa Bay:

<< It’s only one game. So how come it already feels like the Red Sox are going to the World Series? … It just does. >>

Um, dude … weren’t you here in 2004 and in 2007?

You know the Yankees were dominant in the ALCS but didn’t win the series in ’04, and that the Sox won game one against Cleveland last year before they lost the next three and were on the verge of elimination.

Hell, Cleveland even printed up and was selling ALCS championship t-shirts. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves, alright? You don’t want to jinx anything.

At least CHB‘s colleague Bob Ryan is talking some sense.

Shaughnessy sounds like he should be wearing a pink hat or something.

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