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"Tonight I’d Like to Talk About the Economy …"

17 Oct

From last night’s Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York. Funny stuff.

Part one:

Off to St. Pete

17 Oct

I’m not going to lie: I had the Red Sox dead. I was already wishing people Happy Winter. I was saying I didn’t want the Sox to win Game Five because I didn’t want the series to continue, didn’t want them to come back and to have to relive the same story we saw in 2004 and 2007. Hell, I was only awake to see the end because I was going to watch John McCain on David Letterman. But damn if the game Thursday night — the last three innings of it, anyway — weren’t totally exciting. Wow. What a comeback. You can poo-poo the Sox and baseball all you want, as I was doing. But when you see something like this, when you feel the hour getting late and see the game getting closer, you have to get excited. And then they overcome tremendous odds, come back from 7-0 and actually win the game. Wow. This is great. Go Sox!