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Enough Wining

2 Oct

Alright, so maybe I’m overdoing it with the political blogging lately, but I thought this was an amusing story worth posting. Seems there’s a Chilean wine called Palin Syrah (of course it’s a red wine), and ever since John McCain picked his running mate, sales have been off. How off? Well, that depends on who you ask and where you go. According to Fox Noise, sales are down in San Francisco but up in Houston. And according to this Associated Press story, sales are up just outside San Fran in North Berkeley. The Palin (pronounced pay-LEEN) Syrah is a 100 percent organic wine, so given Sarah’s views on the environment, I’m thinking she wouldn’t like this wine anyway. But that said, on this, the day of the much anticipated VP debate, I’m guessing you can tell who people are rooting for by what’s in their glass.

By the way, what would your name be if Sarah Palin was your mother? You can find out by clicking here. You can call me Log Justice Palin. (Actually, don’t call me that. Thanks.)

Stump the Candidate

2 Oct

For your viewing enjoyment (or, more likely, horror), here’s a collection of Sarah Palin’s pre-debate greatest hits (more like misses, if you ask me), courtesy of Keith Olbermann.

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