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Not This Year

19 Oct

Good for the Rays. That said, what a bummer. I mean, even when you tell yourself they won’t win — they can’t come back from 3-1 again … can they? — when the momentum shifts to the Sox as it did in Games 5 and 6, it’s hard not to get optimistic and excited, and to think they might just go all the way. But, alas, you can’t win ’em all. This was not our year. Last year was. And so was 2004. But I’m sad for ‘Tek, and happy it was not he who made the last out. I hope this was not the last time we see him in a Sox uniform. And thankfully, it was a closer series than it initially appeared it would be. We didn’t lose by screwing it up as much as the Rays just played better.

I sat here watching Game 7 Sunday night in my beloved broken-in 2007 World Series Champions sweatshirt, and I’ll keep on wearing it, remembering the good times we had last fall. And, now I can get back to my real life, since I will not have to stay up late to watch baseball games again until April. (But oh, how I wanted to for another week.)

Thanks, Sox, for a great season. We’ll see you in February at Spring Training. And CHB? I still blame you.

All the Mavericks in the House, Put Your Hands Up

19 Oct

In case you missed it, here are the two Sarah Palin bits from last night’s Saturday Night Live.

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