"You Guys Drunk Yet?"

16 May

I scored a pass to yesterday’s wine tasting at Fenway Park, where Jason Varitek, David Ortiz, and Kevin Youkilis were celebrating a new season of Red Sox wines.

The event was held at the EMC Club and it was a pretty nice time.

I had a couple Fenway Franks, I tried some SauvignYoouuk Blanc (yum) and some Vintage Papi, I got my picture taken with NESN’s Hazel Mae (who served as mistress of ceremonies), and of course, I took lots and lots of photos.

There were a few things worth mentioning …

I loved how Papi came out and yelled to the crowd, “You guys drunk yet?” and I was amused by Youk saying he is a Pinot Noir fan, but he took one for the team because they needed a white wine in the collection.

Hazel Mae looks better in person than she does on TV, and I’m sure her “Hazel Maerlot” is quite tasty too.

When questions were opened up to the crowd, Tek got a big laugh when someone asked if he appreciated the similarities in his Captain’s Cabernet and his career, both of which get better with age.

Anyway, it was fun.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the wines go directly to a variety of player-supported charities; you can buy a bottle here (they’re $14 each).

To see the rest of my photos from the event, just click here. I basically took a lot of the same shots, but most are real good, so I posted them all.

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