Raise a Glass for Amy!

8 Dec

I’ve been away from the computer for a couple days, but I wanted to acknowledge that Amy Winehouse earned six Grammy Award nominations on Thursday, and I say yes! yes! yes!

I’ve been listening to “Rehab” and the rest of Back to Black for just about a solid year now and the CD hasn’t gotten old or tiresome yet. It’s far and away my favorite album to be released in 2007.

I wish Amy was competing in the Album of the Year category against Bruce Springsteen for Magic, though that would make it a hard choice for me, but I think it’s cool that she is represented in all four of the major categories: Best Album, Record, Song, and New Artist. No one else, not even Kanye West (who has the most nominations of any artist, with eight) can say that.

So, while usually I sort of tune out the Grammy Awards and think they’re either out of touch or too wide-ranging to have much significance, this year I’m cheering on Amy Winehouse to sweep — and to sober up so she can attend the show and perform as well.

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