Wrong Man, Wrong Time, Wrong Movie

30 Jun

Not much really needs to be said about Live Free or Die Hard.

It’s the worst of the four Die Hard movies, and actually, it doesn’t really feel like a Die Hard movie at all.

Rather, it’s like there was a buddy action script out there that Bruce Willis was attached to, and they made it into a Die Hard movie.

Lotsa stuff gets blow’d up, Bruce saves the day, etc etc etc., but somehow it doesn’t have the same kind of regular guy in the wrong place at the wrong time kind of wisecracking charm that the other films did.

Even the “yippie-ki-ay” line seems tossed in as an afterthought.

So I’m only going to give this Die Hard a C.

One Response to “Wrong Man, Wrong Time, Wrong Movie”


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    […] expectations that A Good Day can’t live up to. Like the last film in the series, 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard, it seems like McClane was retrofitted into a story that wasn’t intended for him. Some studio […]

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