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5 Jun

If you, like me, thought a movie about singing, dancing penguins was a wacky idea, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Surf’s Up is a movie about, yes, surfing penguins, and in concept alone it scores big points. I mean, have you seen the trailer? It rocks. So you pretty much know going in that Surf’s Up is not your average animated flick. For one thing, it’s “shot” like a documentary, and features interviews with the cast, grainy “archival” footage, and other hallmarks of the genre. And that all is done so well that you forget there was a team of animators who had to create it all from scratch. And then there are the colors and the surfing “photography,” both of which are really fun and cool and make you want to walk out of the theater, put on a wet suit, hop on a board, and ride a wave. (I’ve done it. It’s cool. Trust me.) So yeah, Surf’s Up is a totally fun movie.

But let’s not kid ourselves, and that is a pun, folks. Surf’s Up is also a very, very kid-friendly movie. The crowd I saw it with was about 50% kids (or at least it felt and sounded that way), and they loved it. They were laughing at the cute baby penguins, and the physical humor, and the silly Chicken Joe character. Which is not a bad thing, of course. It’s just that I wouldn’t say the film was as sophisticated as, say, Ratatouille looks or even Happy Feet was. Sure, the surfing stuff is wicked cool, and the documentary look is really well done, but I wouldn’t put Surf’s Up in any upper pantheon of animated films. And that’s why I’m only giving it a B — a solid B, but a B just the same.

Not Really a "Best" Buy

5 Jun

So here’s what I don’t understand.

I went to the Fenway Best Buy Tuesday night to pick up Bruce Springsteen‘s latest release, Live in Dublin.

It’s out separately as a 2-CD set and a DVD, or you can buy the CDs and DVD together, with the same track listings.

And I figured, since I had a $5 off coupon and new releases are usually on sale, that I’d spring for the combo pack. After all, the DVD looks great.

Well, the 2-CD set was on sale for $11.99 and the DVD was on sale for $9.99, but the combo pack was still at regular price, $27.99.

When I asked a salesperson why buying the two items separately was cheaper than buying the combo, and why they weren’t just charging the same price (i.e.: $21.99) for the combo, he told me, “You raise a good point.”

So I decided to only buy the CDs and save myself $10. I likely wouldn’t have watched the DVD anyway, despite how good the clips on are.

And what’s more confusing is that on, the combo is on sale, for just $19.99. Maybe it’s something about moving units and not making money, but whatever it is, I just don’t get it.

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