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Moving Right Along. Or Maybe Not.

14 Jun

It’s been a long time since I’ve moved apartments — five and a half years to be exact — and I can’t say I missed the process. Sure, I still haven’t decided if I’m going to move or not, and that changes almost daily, but after making a few inquiries Thursday with some agents, I’m definitely erring on the not moving side. Why is it that speaking with a real estate agent makes me feel like I’m 23, stuck in the herd, and just a quick buck? Probably because for at least two of those things, it’s true.

What’s the better tack, just walking into an agency or calling ahead? I thought it’d be the latter, so I could set up some appointments to see what’s out there. Instead, I feel like the agents sized me up by the sound of my voice because I wasn’t a sure thing, didn’t really work with me, and generally told me not so much is available for what I’m looking for. I’ve got one appointment to see a place on Saturday, and that’s a place located almost around the corner from where I already live. Seems not even worth it to move there, even if the place is a little cheaper than what I pay now.

Argh. I’m getting the feeling already that this is going to be a long summer. I so don’t want to be dealing with real estate agents, and to be looking at apartments. So maybe I should stay where I am. But is avoiding the hassle of moving worth the rent increase? Especially if I’d be moving less than a mile away? And assuming my rent would go up where I am anyway (even if the place wasn’t sold), aren’t the movers, the realtor fee (even a partial one), and replacing stuff that doesn’t survive the move (or just needs replacing) going to cost the same as what my rent will be? And the price of moving would be a one-time expense, versus one spread over the course of the year. And then there’s the whole buying thing. If I’m hoping to do so in the next three years or so, is it even worth moving at all now? But then again, if I can find a place where I’d be paying less … And also, maybe I should just look to buy now. What am I really waiting for? I guess I just don’t know if I’m ready.

So yeah, I’m annoyed by this whole thing, and it’s only June 15. When I was 23, this wasn’t as big a deal. It was just a fact of life that come September 1 you moved. Nowadays, I like permanence, stability, having my life be in my own hands. Instead, I’m being totally indecisive, caught in a big decision I’m being forced to make, and it’s just no fun. Argh is right.

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