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Take This ‘Job’ and Read It

25 Jun

I’m always happy to support a new blog on the scene, especially when it’s one written by someone as cool as Erin Pullen (who made the unfortunate mistake of marrying my former work bud, JPP — just kidding, John). Erin’s blog, titled simply “The Day Job Blog,” is all about those people out there who toil away at a day job (office admin, waitress, retail salesperson, or sign holder, like on Sunday night’s Flight of the Conchords) so they can fund their real career, be it painter, writer, actor, or, in Erin’s case, opera singer.

According to JPP’s description of the site, we’re all voyeuristic and obsessed with celebrities, so why not document how these people become famous by showing all the hard work that goes into it? “Yes, without these 9–5ers, young sparkling would-bes would become never-wases, because auditions charge fees, gym memberships cost money, and lessons and training don’t grow on trees,” John told me. “So Erin decided to explore this phenomenon of ‘dumb job as means of getting dream job’ for a book.” Erin’s hoping that if she attracts enough regular readers to her site, she’ll attract the interest of a publisher, and the rest will fall into place (sort of like how Planet Gordon begat The Engaged Groom). Every day there’ll be a new story about someone else’s day job, so keep clicking on it; there’s a link in the margin on the right side of this blog. Check it out.

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