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Wrong Man, Wrong Time, Wrong Movie

30 Jun

Not much really needs to be said about Live Free or Die Hard.

It’s the worst of the four Die Hard movies, and actually, it doesn’t really feel like a Die Hard movie at all.

Rather, it’s like there was a buddy action script out there that Bruce Willis was attached to, and they made it into a Die Hard movie. Continue reading

The Day After

30 Jun

Since I was in the vicinity of an Apple Store today, I decided to stop in at the Burlington Mall and see the iPhone for myself.

Big mistake.


Not because the lines were so long or because the crowds were so off-putting, or even because the store had run out of them. None of that was the case.

No, it was a mistake because I’ve been hearing the buzz on the thing since CES and had read so many rapturous reviews and articles over the past week, and now that I actually had one in my hands and was having such a good time playing with it, all I could say was instead of simply wanting one, now I really wanted one. Continue reading

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