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Wrong Man, Wrong Time, Wrong Movie

30 Jun

Not much really needs to be said about Live Free or Die Hard.

It’s the worst of the four Die Hard movies, and actually, it doesn’t really feel like a Die Hard movie at all.

Rather, it’s like there was a buddy action script out there that Bruce Willis was attached to, and they made it into a Die Hard movie. Continue reading

The Day After

30 Jun

Since I was in the vicinity of an Apple Store today, I decided to stop in at the Burlington Mall and see the iPhone for myself.

Big mistake.


Not because the lines were so long or because the crowds were so off-putting, or even because the store had run out of them. None of that was the case.

No, it was a mistake because I’ve been hearing the buzz on the thing since CES and had read so many rapturous reviews and articles over the past week, and now that I actually had one in my hands and was having such a good time playing with it, all I could say was instead of simply wanting one, now I really wanted one. Continue reading


29 Jun

If I was a character on The Simpsons (and didn’t wear glasses), this is what I’d look like. At least that’s what the web site for the upcoming Simpsons movie thinks. Try it for yourself: go to and click on “Create Your Simpsons Avatar.”

(Barely) Working for the Weekend

29 Jun

Today is one of those days.

It’s Friday, the end of the cycle for the monthly magazine I work on, the last day before a “holiday week,” and while there are a few pesky things on my to-do list, I’m not so busy that I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Usually it’s busier weeks when I’m more productive; when there’s not as much to do, I tend to do it at a slower pace.

Somewhere, there are folks already lined up to buy their iPhones. I sort of wish I was with them — I so want one — but I think I’m going to hold off on buying one for a bit, if I can.

I’m feeling lazy today. I’m easily distracted. The office is quiet and it’s making me more antsy.

I’ve got big weekend plans and I can’t wait.

As the song goes, I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day.

Is it 5:00 yet?

Calling Dr. Ferber …

28 Jun

Nothing says “Good morning” quite like riding to work on the T — and a warm T at that — with a crying baby. I got a nice Parenting 101 lesson from two mothers who shared the C line with me today. Both women had babies in strollers (and I’m assuming they were friends, because although they weren’t really talking to each other all that much, they stood next to each other as if they were traveling together). But whereas one child was well behaved and quiet and happy, the other was clearly, um, not. At some point as we traveled down Beacon St., this child began to cry. (I didn’t see why.) And not just a whimper, but a full-on wail. So what’d the mother of this child do? First she tried to hug the child while it was still strapped into the stroller. Then, when that didn’t work, she took it out of the stroller and sat holding it in a seat, practically smothering it. Still, no change. And all through the underground stops — from Kenmore to Hynes to Copley to Arlington to Boylston — the kid just cried and cried and cried. And cried. Amazingly, the other kid remained silent the entire way, seemingly content in its stroller. Finally, when we pulled into Park Street, the mother put the child back into the stroller, whereupon it put its thumb into its mouth and stopped crying. Just like that. And just in time for me to get off the train.

So apparently, if you want a child to shut up and not disturb fellow passengers on the T, the trick is to leave it be. I’ll remember that. And I hope other mothers do too.

Happy Summer, Y’all

26 Jun

Ninety-degree-plus days mean one thing to me: ice cream.

And so because my walk home through Coolidge Corner means walking right by J.P. Licks, I decided to stop for dinner on the way home (at Quiznos) so I could get some ice cream as I walked down the street.

One bad sandwich later, I got to J.P. Licks. Sort of. The line was so long that it stretched the full length of the store, out the door, and down Harvard Ave. past the entrance to the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse.

That’s a long line.

But I was determined, so I got in line and worked my way to the front. Continue reading

Take This ‘Job’ and Read It

25 Jun

I’m always happy to support a new blog on the scene, especially when it’s one written by someone as cool as Erin Pullen (who made the unfortunate mistake of marrying my former work bud, JPP — just kidding, John). Erin’s blog, titled simply “The Day Job Blog,” is all about those people out there who toil away at a day job (office admin, waitress, retail salesperson, or sign holder, like on Sunday night’s Flight of the Conchords) so they can fund their real career, be it painter, writer, actor, or, in Erin’s case, opera singer.

According to JPP’s description of the site, we’re all voyeuristic and obsessed with celebrities, so why not document how these people become famous by showing all the hard work that goes into it? “Yes, without these 9–5ers, young sparkling would-bes would become never-wases, because auditions charge fees, gym memberships cost money, and lessons and training don’t grow on trees,” John told me. “So Erin decided to explore this phenomenon of ‘dumb job as means of getting dream job’ for a book.” Erin’s hoping that if she attracts enough regular readers to her site, she’ll attract the interest of a publisher, and the rest will fall into place (sort of like how Planet Gordon begat The Engaged Groom). Every day there’ll be a new story about someone else’s day job, so keep clicking on it; there’s a link in the margin on the right side of this blog. Check it out.