Thank You, Summer

30 Oct

I hate being sick. It’s well documented that I’m not a very good sick person. So it gives me no great pleasure to say that for a few days now I’ve been sneezing and I’m congested, and I get a sore throat and cough (but only at night for some reason). That’s why I called in sick on Wednesday for the first time in more than two years in an effort to help myself get over whatever it is that I have (some call it a cold, I think it’s something else).

So yeah. I stayed home yesterday. And I’ve gotta tell you: after waking up later than usual and settling into position on the couch, I quickly found myself bored. Jeez … What happened to the sick day? Isn’t this supposed to be a fun day? The kind of day you long for where you get to watch game shows and all kinds of cheesy TV all day, and you relax and bake cookies, and by day’s end you feel so much better? I don’t know about that. By 10 a.m. I was already checking my work email and browsing around on the Interwebs and looking for other ways to keep busy. I mean, what else was I going to do, watch The View? That would only make me feel worse. Now of course, I could have done some apartment cleaning or read a book — you know, something productive — but I didn’t. I basically just caught up on some shows I’d recorded in recent weeks, took it easy, spent too much time on my computer, and somehow the day flew.

Actually, if you want to know the truth, the highlight of my day was (no kidding) watching a repeat of The O.C. on SoapNet. And not just any repeat, but the second-season Chrismukkah episode — one of the top-three best episodes of a not-always-great but still beloved series. And, well, despite any boredom I had felt all day, when Summer Roberts saved Chrismukkah for the Cohen clan, she had also saved my day from being a total loss. I’m not saying Summer is this year’s miracle cure or anything, but she made me feel a whole lot better. So yeah, Summer Roberts does it again. She saved Chrismukkah and she saved my sick day. Hooray for Summer Roberts! And hopefully, farewell to my cold really soon too.

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