Off to Visit Grandma

16 Oct

File this one under “I saw it so you don’t have to” — not that you really had any intention of seeing Sex Drive anyway, did you? (I didn’t think so.) This story of a shy 18-year-old virgin on a road trip to meet the hottie he’s met on the Internets and, hopefully, to have sex for the first time, is not an outrageous, obnoxious comedy like its name would imply. In fact, while there are some scenes that clearly are R-rated (one in a trailer and another in a rest room, for example), Sex Drive is actually a rather tame and sweet movie where said virgin realizes he’s actually in love with his female best friend before he can do the deed with the hottie (oops! Did I just ruin it for you?), that includes a handful of pleasant chuckles (mostly ones involving Seth Green’s Amish character). Nothing hysterical here, but nothing groan-worthy either. It’s like if American Pie and Superbad had a kid but the kid actually had a conscience. So I’m giving Sex Drive a not-awful B–.

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