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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

9 Apr

Anyone who’s ever been dumped knows how hard it is to get over someone you love. For Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), it’s near impossible. His girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), is seemingly perfect, and even though she has the lack of courtesy to break up with Peter while he’s completely nude (not the last time he’ll be nude in this movie, by the way), he still pines for her. To escape the constant reminders of their relationship, Peter goes to Hawaii, where, what d’you know, Sarah’s there with her new boyfriend. It turns out Forgetting Sarah Marshall is more challenging than Peter thought.

Thankfully, liking this movie is much easier. Written by Segel, it includes many quotable lines and doesn’t fall for the typical romantic comedy cliches. Yes, Peter meets an equally engaging young woman (That 70s Show‘s Mila Kunis) and sure, Sarah’s new boyfriend is an idiot, but things don’t always go as expected with this foursome. Delivering the dialogue is this very appealing cast, led by unexpected leading man Segel. As with Knocked Up, the leads here are a pretty unlikely couple, but you can believe why they’d actually be together. Knocked Up writer/director Judd Apatow produced this film, and things are rounded out by amusing performances by a supporting cast that includes his regulars Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, and Paul Rudd. The laughs here aren’t as big as Knocked Up or Superbad, but FSM is definitely worth seeing. I’m giving it a strong B.

I’m Loving This "Angels" Instead

9 Apr

Memo to David Archuleta: This is how “Angels” is supposed to be performed. Not the way you did it last night on American Idol. Granted, you had a smaller crowd to sing to than Robbie Williams does in this clip, but you damn near drained the song of any emotion and made it sound pretty limp. “Angels” is a bigger song than you could ever sing. It’s a fantastic song, and a great song choice — but not for you. Just watch as Robbie sings it in front of thousands and thousands of people, and listen as they sing along with him. Look at the passionate response he gets, and the way he engages a crowd that large. You could never do that, David. I hope you’re voted off this week. And if not this week, then next week. Or the week after. You shouldn’t win this competition. You’re overrated. You always have been. And maybe after you’re voted off, you can use the time to find a personality. When you’re not singing, you just stand there with your goofy grin and not much else. I don’t like you, David. I want you off the show.


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