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Movin’ On Out

4 Apr

One last post before I pack up my computer here at 110 Babcock — or simply “The ‘Cock,” as someone called it last night. The apartment is pretty empty; other than furniture and books, most everything else has been moved to my new place. As expected, packing has been a fun experience; I’ve found all kinds of stuff I hadn’t seen since I moved in (old photos, a bag full of Louis, etc.) and taking a week to move in gradually before the actual movers came has turned out to be a great idea.

After more than six years in one place, it’ll be a real adjustment to have my life centered elsewhere, but I’ll be fine (of course). There’s a lot I’ll miss about this building (the location, mostly), but in the end, I’m very happy to be moving on (thank you, violin players and noisy, insensitive neighbors and price-gouging management company). In fact, it gives me immense pleasure to know that I’ll be going out with a bang — my movers are scheduled to arrive at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Now, you know how I feel about noise on Saturday mornings when I’m trying to sleep late. But after all these months of tolerating the violins and the flutes and the pianos and the loud talking and smoking outside my window and the late-night phone calls next door and the smelly cooking and all the shoes left in the hallway and the rude neighbors who don’t hold the door open when you’re right behind them and the heavy-footed upstairs neighbors and the folks who park their minivan next to me and don’t know how to open doors without hitting my car and the side doors being propped open, etc. etc. etc., it only seems right that I disturb my neighbors for a change. So, goodbye 110. I’ll miss you. (But not too much.)

Opening Night

4 Apr

Forget what I said the other day: This is opening night for me. It’s the first time a Red Sox game is starting in the 7 p.m. hour, when I can actually watch. Those early-morning Japan games and then the late-night Oakland ones just didn’t count if I couldn’t really watch them. So now that baseball is on and I can actually see it, it’s like the season has just started. Woo hoo! Go Sox!

A Parting Gift

4 Apr

Awwwww … how sweet. On my last day in the apartment, as I’m packing up and throwing stuff out, feeling happy and relaxed and having fun, I’ve been blessed by my neighbor with yet another flute recital. How did she know that’s exactly what I wanted? I guess since it’s 4:45 in the afternoon I don’t have a very good reason to make her stop (other than my perpetual annoyance and her seemingly uncurable lack of courtesy and the fact that I can hear it even when I go outside — and the fact that the building managers have asked her and her roommate to stop practicing their instruments in the building not once but twice), so I guess I’ll just let her play. And I’ll even join in the fun by blasting my music really loud and seeing how she likes it. Everybody gets something! Hooray!

The Right Stuff? Not Really.

4 Apr

You already know how I feel about the New Kids on the Block — ahem, sorry, NKOTB reunion. When they appeared on The Today Show this morning, tons of fans went crazy. I was driving around listening to Kiss 108 and that’s all anyone was talking about. (Sure, I know, there’s an ulterior motive there, but there were all kinds of stories of people driving hours to see them at a club tonight, and digging out all kinds of old NKOTB paraphernalia, etc.). Now, maybe it’s because I grew up in New York and not here in Boston, but I tell you: I just don’t get why this is such a big deal. I can appreciate wanting a favorite group to reunite, but not if it’s a teen pop group. I mean, look at those guys in the picture; I don’t really want to see them try to recreate their glory days all these years later. I don’t want to hear Joey Mac stretch his voice to reach the high notes in “Please Don’t Go Girl.” They’re grown men. I actually feel sorry for them having to do this — especially Donnie Wahlberg, who has tried so hard to get some credibility in recent years with his acting. How can we take him seriously again after this? Seeking a reality check, I asked a 30-year-old woman at Newbury Comics this morning if she was excited about the reunion, and she told me, “I lived through it once. That was enough.” That seems to be how I feel about it, except I skipped it the first time around.

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