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In Fact, It’s a Gas

6 Apr

As with the recent U2 3D film, Shine a Light is a document of big-time performers that must be seen on a very big screen.

This film of two 2006 performances by the Rolling Stones at New York’s Beacon Theater does more than just demonstrate why the Stones are such a legendary band; it also, ahem, shines a light on the men in the band, giving us insights into why they’ve stuck together all these years.

Director Martin Scorsese is a huge Stones fan; he uses a song by the band in most every movie he makes. In fact, in recent interviews, Mick Jagger has joked that Shine a Light may be the only Scorsese film that does not include “Gimme Shelter” in its soundtrack.

Point is, this is a guy who knows his subject. Continue reading

Honey, I’m Home!

6 Apr

If there’s one thing I learned this weekend during the move, it’s that I, Martin Lieberman, am quite good with the spatial relations.

You see, all was going pretty well Saturday morning. Other than some early-morning mist, the rain mostly held off. The elevator in my building was on the fritz, but somehow it worked until the last load had been brought down, and then it died.

The movers got to me a little bit later than expected, but it gave me some extra time to take care of some last-minute packing I didn’t do the night before. So it was all good.

But when we got to my new place and started to unload the truck, my couch wouldn’t fit through the apartment door. The movers tried multiple ways of fitting it through the door, but none worked because the doorway was too thin, the stairway was in the way, and the sprinkler system was inches too low from the ceiling.

They were giving up, and the couch was going to have to go down in my storage unit; I would have to buy a new one. Continue reading

Cincinnati Music Factory

6 Apr

Sometimes local news is so random. Like this early-morning broadcast on channel 12 in Cincinnati. I’m sort of happy they don’t do stuff like this here in Boston … although it would be awesome if VB, Doug, or Cindy busted out some moves one morning on the F0X 25 morning news. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, I present this clip. (Thanks to’s PopWatch for the heads up.)

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