Bait and Switch

1 Apr

If you saw a front-page newspaper headline blaring “Honey, I Duct-Taped the Kids!” and were given the page number where you’d find the story about how a mother bound her kids to chairs and then posted the pics on MySpace, what would you expect to find there?

Pictures, right?

Not if you read the Boston Herald today. There are no pictures to be found. Bummer. I mean, not that I endorse this behavior at all. I find it reprehensible, as I’m sure everyone does.

But that part of me that’s fond of the salacious and unsavory behavior of people with no brains wanted to see the pics.

I mean, I just don’t believe someone would do such a thing and I had to see it for myself.

You can’t even see the pictures on the Herald‘s site.

Oh well.

And before you get all up in my grill about posting this, come on … you know you wanted to see those pictures too.

(And yes, despite the date, this appears to be a very real story, unfortunately.)

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