Movie Review Year in Review

31 Dec

Updated 1/27

Although I still haven’t seen a few films that are on my to-see list (namely, Notes on a Scandal, The Queen, The Good German, Night at the Museum, and Babel) I thought I’d do a special year-end post to give attention to the movies I enjoyed the most this year.

I’ve gone through and reread my reviews, noting what letter grades I gave and why, and here are my rankings for the best movies of the year — or at least those I consider my favorites:

1. The Departed
2. Little Miss Sunshine
3. Friends with Money
4. Dreamgirls
5. Dave Chappelle’s Block Party
6. Borat …
7. United 93/World Trade Center
8. The History Boys
9. Notes on a Scandal
10. Half Nelson

With the exception of The History Boys, I gave all those movies either an A or an A- review. And I was tempted to include Snakes on a Plane on that list because it was one of the best moviegoing experiences of the year, but I’m assuming that when I watch the DVD, I’ll think differently about the movie.

And then, of course, there were the movies on the flip-side, the ones I really did not enjoy. It’s worth noting that although I chose to see movies like She’s the Man, I largely stayed away from the crap.

And sometimes the crappy-looking movies, like Employee of the Month or My Super Ex-Girlfriend, turned out to be better than expected.

So of the movies I saw, which ones were not worth my (or your) time? Here’s the list:

1. You, Me and Dupree
2. Poseidon
3. The Lake House
4. Bobby
5. Game 6
6. Imagine Me & You
7. School for Scoundrels
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
9. The Night Listener
10. The Good Shepherd

If you’d like to read my original reviews for these movies, links to all of them are in the margin.

And note, though the list says I’ve seen 51 movies this year (as of December 30), that is only counting 2006 releases. In January and February I saw six films that were considered 2005 releases, but I don’t count them as movies I saw this year.

Further, when I see the above-mentioned movies, should they be worthy of one of these lists, I’ll amend as necessary.

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