Things I’ve Learned, vacation week edition

29 Dec

I could really get used to this “week off” stuff.

It’s nice for a few days to sleep in, roll out of bed sometime between 9:30 and 10, take my time getting ready, do what I want (or don’t do anything at all), and just relax.

Alright, sure I’ve spent plenty of time this week playing with my new computer, but I’ve also learned a couple things too:

* Prime is the most-played movie in HBO‘s catalog. It seems like it’s on at least twice every day. And I love it, so I tend to sit and watch the movie most times it’s on (I’ve even recorded it so I could watch at my own leisure). I might even download the soundtrack — plus the Citizen Cope song “Holdin’ On,” which is not on the soundtrack but is featured prominently in the film.

* This city is so much nicer when no one’s here. To wit: Thursday night I drove up Commonwealth Ave. from Kenmore Square to Babcock Street without having to stop at a single red light or get caught in traffic. The only other time that’s possible is in the last week or so before the students come back in August.

* Amy Winehouse is going to be huge — HUGE! — when her album is released in the States in a couple months. Winehouse is a brassy British pop/soul singer, with tons of attitude (her debut album was called “Frank”). Her current single “Rehab” (off the album “Back to Black”) has become a big hit in the U.K. — proof is that recording a cover of it has become the cool thing to do (just like it was with Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” last summer. Paolo Nutini’s version is a good example). You can watch the video for “Rehab” here or download the song (and a remix) here. And then when you start to hear all about her in a month or so, you can say I tipped you off first.

3 Responses to “Things I’ve Learned, vacation week edition”

  1. Anonymous December 29, 2006 at 2:16 pm #

    Martin, literally as I’m reading your blog, I’m listening to Amy Winehouse’s “Frank”. I recently wrote my best albums list and I regret not including her album “Back to Black.” It’s absolutely incredible, full of attitude, sarcasm, and soul. I like the second rather than the first album, but both are exceptional.


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