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Diamond Dog

10 Dec

While I can’t say Blood Diamond rocked my world, I was impressed once again by Leonardo DiCaprio. Man, between this film and The Departed, it’s like the guy has grown up and found a really cool on-screen persona. It’s mostly all in the facial hair, but his face now just shows more age and edge. (And I still think he looks like he could be Eric Dane‘s younger brother.) Here he plays a diamond smuggler, and while he’s really not a very good guy, or even the film’s hero, you have to root for him. Sure, that’s because he’s Leonardo DiCaprio, but still, you want him to succeed. I guess therein lies one of the film’s problems, that you are rooting for the wrong guy, but it’s more than that. Jennifer Connelly’s character — the reporter with a heart of gold who gives DiCaprio’s character a conscience — is a too-convenient love interest. And it’s too long (nearly 2.5 hours). All told, the parts don’t add up to a compelling whole. But Leo’s pretty good. Not run-out-and-see-this-movie good, but good in that he makes the film worthwhile if you do see it. I give Blood Diamond a B-.

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