I’m Just Going to Do It

12 Jan

The last time I belonged to a gym was about 6 years ago, when I joined simply out of boredom. I was living in Allston, around the corner from a Boston Sports Club, and it was March — the time of the TV season after February sweeps when everything was in reruns. Because I was coming home night after night and not doing much more than channel surfing, I figured I might as well do something better with my time. So I got on a mild fitness kick, started to eat a little better, and actually worked out three days a week.

That lasted maybe a couple of months, until the middle of May, when the weather got nicer and my life became busier again. Then I just stopped going to the gym altogether. Every month the fee would be taken out of my bank account automatically, but I didn’t seem to notice. It was like that episode of Friends where Chandler had a hard time quitting the gym. I put my membership on hold, but that was only for two months. It wasn’t until sometime in September or October that I actually quit the gym for good. And I haven’t really thought seriously about re-joining a gym ever since.

Until now.

My company’s offices recently moved right near a FitCorp (it’s practically next door). As if I needed more reasons to join a gym, what with my sister’s wedding coming up and my general wanting to get in better shape, we’re getting all kinds of incentives to join FitCorp (free initiation fee, one free month, discounted monthly fee, etc.). We just had an info session, and I realized that I could ask all the questions I wanted to — When do we get billed? Can I use any location in the FitCorp network? Is there parking? — but it didn’t change the fact that I already sort of know I’m going to join eventually, and sooner rather than later so I don’t miss out on the deals.

Of course, you may be wondering why I didn’t just join right then and there, like some of my coworkers did. Well, I still need to make that mental shift to being a guy who goes to the gym, as opposed to someone who eats poorly, doesn’t exercise, and wishes he went to the gym. I also need to be more of a person who just does things, and doesn’t write on his blog about “mental shifts” and that kind of B.S.

I suppose one reason I never really enjoyed going to BSC was because I didn’t have anyone to work out with, and now I can go with friends. And the Allston facility of BSC was not the nicest of places, so these gyms will be more encouraging to walk into. And I can also go right from the office or to the location closer to home in the medical area.

As I said, I really don’t need to convince myself why I should join the gym. I just need to do it. And then I need to keep on doing it. The Great Reinvention of Martin Lieberman continues …

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